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Dear expert,

In the documentary TV series "Oliver Stone's Secret History of the United States", he claims that one of Roosevelt's conditions for helping the British by joining World War II was that the British start dismantling their empire. A friend of mine doesn't believe that this is so, so I am trying to do some research into it. Do you know if it is true, and can you point to any books or other evidence that supports Oliver Stone's claim?

Thanks a lot!
- Tue Sorensen, Denmark

Du kan godt skriva på dansk! Jag förstår mycket väl! Jag är svensk.

I have heard this too many times. I do not KNOW if it is true but it probably is based on what I know of Rooseveldt in other ways. If true, it was probably unfortunate, since most of the colonies at that time were not mature enough for independence (my personal view).

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