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I have a CDV from the 1860's - 1870's. The man is a 3 star General. Uniform is white with green collar and cuffs. See picture for more details. Any idea of nationality? I have searched every description I can on google and come up with zip. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated in advance.



The time period you mention was a time when uniforms were replete with tasseled shoulder boards, gold braid and other accoutrements of which this uniform is devoid.
The fact that the uniform is white could lead to three possibilities:  it is a naval uniform, or a tropical uniform or a medical service uniform.  Most armies were moving to darker uniform colors at this time, however special dress uniforms were still authorized.  Even the US Army still has a white dress uniform authorized for wear in the tropics which you seldom see.
Unfortunately, the lack of tassels and braid, and double buttons on the front would eliminate the first two.  The medical services might be a possibility but  I see no real military type insignia on the uniform which you would expect since everyone was copying everyone else and trying to outdo each other in the gaudy uniform department.

It could be that it was the uniform of a band, or some other non-military organization, but rather a para-military organization like the equivalent of the Salvation Army. Or even something like the red cross.

A possibility popped into my head, that it might be a stretch is that if might be a Confederate State uniform.  The three star color insignia is that of a colonel, and although not in a line, could still be that since they did not always adhere to form.  It could be a state militia uniform before the color and pattern became standardized.  

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