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My father, Walter Cook from Brooklyn, NY, fought in WW2 as a master sergeant.  He was part of the 926th Signal Corp Battalion, Company D, Separate Tactical Air Command.  From what I understand, he landed on Normandy D-Day plus 1, was part of several campaigns including Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe, and northern France. Would it be possible to trace his steps from troop ship to England to France and throughout Europe to the end of the war.  I think his serial number is 32-695-921. There was another number on his discharge papers that read Go 33 WD 45 which I don't what they mean.  Mr. Patton, anything you can do to provide information would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you, Bob Cook.


You could request his service history from the US Army Archives and it would list where and when his unit was based during his service.

The 926th was attached to the 9th Tactical Air Command, part of the 9th Tactical Air Force and provided communications services of the radio relay type.  My father did that in the USAF in Vietnam and later in the 70's in Germany.  Some of his guys were sent to the Middle East to set up radio relay facilities to help in the move to transport tanks and other armored vehicles from tank stocks in Germany to Israel to replace losses in te 1973 October War.  Tanks were being repainted from forest green camo to desert camo on the Army base where I went to high school and were then flown out from Wiesbaden.

During your dad's day, the Air force was still part of the Army so it would not have differenciated between types of communications battalions.  Later the USAF would have claimed his battalion and it would have been redesignated a Squadron.  My father served with the 1962 communications Squadron on Okinawa and yeat another in Vietnam setting up radio nets to aid in communications with ground attack aircraft.

Here is a link to a page on the Battalion in the immediate post war period of 1946. This link gives a history of the 926th and its contribution to Radio Relay  It lists all the locations that Company D was based.  That should give you the information you want.  Posting the locations on a map would be interesting.

It is interesting to note that my dad's unit in Germany, the 2nd Moble Communications Squadron (nicknamed  "The 2nd Mob") was stationed out side of Wiesbaden AFB at Lindsay Air Station and fulfilled basically the same function as your dad's unit.  It was part of the 2nd Mob Comm Group, the unit 1st Radio Relay became later. You could say that the 926th was the grandfather of all tactical air communications squadrons.  2nd Mob used to deploy to the field with the army to set up tactical air nets to facilitate communication with the Army units and aircraft.

There is a short comedic film on Youtube made by two airmen at Lindsay, giving a tour of the facility as they ride around on their butts on the ground like in a car using single frame stop action techniques.  The unit has been renamed in this unit, but his is the same unit my dad served in and this is at Lindsay Air Station ten years later.  

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