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I was recently given a sergeants jacket from world war 2. i have looked up many things about the pins and ribbons but 2 things i cannot find online are a pin that he has on the hat and collar, and a medal the jacket has pinned on it. Any idea what they are?,bQdzcF6#0,bQdzcF6#1


The medal with the blue is symbol of the 79th Division.  The 79TH division used a Cross of Lorraine as their symbol.  This was not an award but a symbol of service in that division.

As to the yellow metal it looks like a specialist symbol; maybe related to the soldiers MOS or his military job.  The image is a little fuzzy so I am not 100% as what the MOS this soldier had.  I have included some links to 2 books that might help.  I donít have these books in my library, but the links are below.

I hope this helps and Thank you

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