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Hello. We are based at Old Buckenham (Station 144) where the 453rd was based. As it's the 70th anniversary of their arrival this year we are producing some commemorative stuff. I have seen the eagle holding the swastika emblem, but we have another emblem; a shield divided vertically with on the left (as viewed), on a red ground, four yellow bombs pointing downward above a white three turreted castle above a yellow lion passant. On the right which is quartered- above "453" (blue on a yellow ground) and below a yellow winged propeller (on a blue ground). Have you any information on this?

The only thing I have on the design is from a small photo I saw online via a friend showing a  granite memorial plaque of this emblem you describe of which I made a rough sketch of , other than that I have no info about when it was created etc , I have been trying to find a good clear scan of this emblem as I'm a leather unit patch artist and have been asked to make the patch , but without clear details I wasn't able to , your description I now have the colors at least .

The only other help I can give as I have nothing else on it would eb to try this site it's a very good one for WW2 AAF insignia help,

Do you possibly have a color scan of this emblem you could send me, I'd appreciate it, thanks !

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