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Stacey Ashlock  


I have come to be in possession of some old pictures that were left by my cousin when she passed away. I believe two of these depict gentlemen in uniform.

One picture is a head shot of a gentleman which clearly shows him in uniform. There is little shown of what he wears. Is there a way to decipher which uniform he wears?

The second picture I have is not in good shape. It depicts 3 gentleman, two standing and one seated. They all appear to be young. I am unsure if the uniforms are military uniforms but I was hoping to find someone who would know.
The strangest part of this second picture is that the gentleman seated is holding the hands of the two standing gentlemen. I found that odd and wondered of the significance of it. Unfortunately, I only know the identity of one of these individuals and am unsure which one he is.

Images attached. Any information you could provide would be most appreciated.

Tough call on these pictures.   My gut feeling on these three guys is that it is, US Army, Spanish American War... sometime between 1898 and 1900.  Why they are holding hands, I don't know, that is VERY unusual.  None of them seem to be wearing any rank badges.  I also can't tell but maybe that guy sitting down has a darker uniform shirt.  Also, I'm not sure what that thing at the far left is.  Maybe that guy is holding a billy club or is it a baseball bat?   Can't really tell.

Second guy is from WW2, definitely US Army, probably taken between 1941 and 1945.  Can't really make out the detail but it looks a bit like he is wearing the symbol from the Medical Corps.  However it could be Judge Advocate General also.   Probably a low ranking officer like a second lieutenant.  Not enough resolution on the picture for me to be sure.  Can't see any unit patches or insignia so this is probably when he just finished his officer training course.

Sorry I'm not more help but that's the best I can give you.

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