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Hi John
I have 3 single strips of negatives that have 5 negatives to each strip. The negatives are surrounded by a thick paper and then there is a plastic sleeve over that. On the top of each strip it is stamped, Set No.1, Set No.2 or Set No.3, all of them are also stamped OFFICIAL U.S. NAVY PHOTOGRAPHS OF DEC.7,1941 PEARL HARBOR ATTACK. Each negative on the strip is also given a number to go with the set,101, 102,103 and so forth. Under the negatives there are names of battleships and descriptions of the graphic negative. Examples are U.S.S ARIZONA, U.S.S OKLAHOMA, EXPLOSION OF THE U.S.S SHAW and many others. The back of these strips at the top are stamped PEARL HARBOR FILM SERVICE, INC. 2003 KALIA ROAD, 9-D HONOLULU, HAWAII 96815.
I am trying to find out if these are real NAVY negatives? I was told they were possibly for tourist to buy. I have searched the address for Pearl Harbor Film Service INC, and the address does not exist on any of the search engines. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you John

I'm sure the photos are real, in that the images you see are actual images taken during the attack.

The item you have is fairly modern, probably post 1960, as it was around that time the post office started using 5-digit ZIP codes.  Before 1963, post codes were only 1 or 2 digits.  Also, until 1959 the address would not have been Honolulu, Hawaii, but Honolulu, T.H., for Territory of Hawaii.

I did a Google search of the Pearl Harbor Film Service and they have lots of items on

So, yes, they are real photographs, but no, the actual item you have itself is not that old.

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