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I am a librarian and the reason that I am asking this is only because a patron asked me to find out. I am dubious if this information even exists and you can answer with a response that indicates that you are skeptical as well. My patron is under the impression that the U.S. Army intentionally used troops of German and Italian heritage of a higher percentage on D-Day. He believes or maybe has heard on some radio show that this was intentional so that the Germans would be less likely to fight their own brethren. I have looked and have not found anything to even suggest that this was the case, but I told my patron that I would consult with an expert if I could find one. I know this sounds just like another conspriracy theory, but it would probably satisfy him if I could have a response to show to him. I really appreciate any help.


Dear Bryan

 i can find no cause to detail that the US used troops of German and Italian heritage willingly in the operations of D day or the events after. Although there were many such soldiers that were of this decent but simply because they signed on or were drafted as Americans and could also speak the language. In fact after the air borne landings and the high casualty rates suffered, some of the staff with bilingual abilities were sent into the field to fight. German units surrendered only when they were completely over run or had expended their ammunition. At that point even having a translator would not really be required. Every one knows what a defeated unit looks like.  



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