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I am trying to do some research on my late fathers military history. I have his DD214 and am confused about a few things. I understand he was part of D-Day but need help finding more info. His DD214 states he was a (MOS) Scout #761 but all his paperwork says he was with the H.Q. Co, 1st Bn, 116th inf 29th. From what I read, scouts are usually part of an Infantry line co, platoon or assigned to their own platoon. My question is this, does it make sense he was in a Headquarters co. as a Scout? I am trying to trace his steps through, D-day and the war. By finding out exactly what unit he was with. If he was assigned to a line co, any idea how I would find out.  I hope I can find more info. Any and all help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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Headquarters needed their own eyes and ears to determine what was going on the battlefield.  Headquarters scouts were specially trained to observe and report to the command staff.  An infantryman is concerned about his own needs and that of his unit.  A scout had to be able to see the whole picture.  Some scouts waked or rode in jeeps or motorcycles.  The luckily ones flew mainly in military versions of the Piper Cub, the L-4 Grasshopper.  Headquarters scouts were also referred to as cavalry scouts sometimes.  A very important role for a soldier and one that carried a very high level of risk.
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