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Dear Mr. Sutton:

I am researching my Grandfather's military history. His WWII records were destroyed, so we are researching as much as we can ourselves.

He fought in Northern France, the Battle of the Bulge and as an infantryman in the Allied Crossing of the Rhine.

Here's our problem:  Because he was a replacement, he was switched from unit to unit so often that he no longer remembers what division he fought with in the campaigns mentioned above!!!

Question 1: Is is possible, without the aid of official records, to find what unit he fought with. He really wants to know!

Question 2:  Can you provide a list of units that liberated Seckenheim and Mannheim Germany?  

Thanks so much!



It may be possible to find out what unit your Grandfather was a part of.  One is to contact National Achieves.  You said the records were destroyed but double check this website


Another resource but one that can cost you is
They have a huge database that I know has helped others.

This website might also help

From your information the 4th infantry is a likely fit for your Grandfather.  
As to your 2nd question.

The 4th, 44th, 70th, infantry was involved in the liberation of Seckenheim

The 63rd was involved in the liberation of Seckenheim and Mannheim but they did take part in the battles in Northern France as they were part of the southern invasion of France

I would check 4th infantry division associations here is one

Also check the 44th association.

I hope helps and I wish you success in your research  

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