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How is it possible to find out any particulars about the above WWII veteran who was a crewmember on bomber flying out of England? Plane was ditched in the English Channel in about 1943 or 44. I have a copy of his Enlisted Record and Report of Separation. He was a member of the 2518th BU. Thanking you in advance for any assistance you may offer.

If the papers you have has his serial number etc you should be able to find out via the site I'll list below , they are a great bunch for finding out about units military people were with, I'm more of an "emblem" researcher " so I wouldn't be much help to you so this is why I refer you to the site , I'm sure you'll get the answers you need there, give them a little time once you register/post for answers , it's a free site and one I think you'll find very interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps and good luck on the info search, if you had any photos of him by aircraft or wearing a unit patch I could tell you better ..................

this is the site
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