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Through oral history I am told my great-grandfather served in the Franco-Prussian War. He died in 1904 as a result of his wounds. Nobody knows what type of wounds. I am trying to find his vital/military records; with no luck. comes up with zero results. The only list I can find is in german and I require english. His name was Stanislaus Stasik (aka Stanley Stasik). My grandmothers death certification lists both her parents were born in Poland; but other times she would indicate Austria. Also,the last name of Stasik was also spelled Stassik or Stasick.

All family members who would know the information I need are deceased and my mother, who is living, cannot remember what her grandmother told her.

Are you able to provide any information where I can find names of conscripted men, wounded lists, surviver lists, etc?  It would be most helpful as I think this information could also help me from great-grandmothers vital information (Aniela Budzisz, aka Nellie, last name spelling also Budisz)

If (and this is a very big "if") such records still exist, they will are likely only available in German, at an archive in Germany, Poland or Austria. However most of these records were destroyed in the chaos of WWII. I apologize for this discouraging answer.

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