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can you please help me identify what this box was used for and what time period. thank you.also is it rare?. thanks


It looks like what you have is somee sort of field desk.  Not ure its a US model, since it would have been Olive drab and would have had other fasteners on it.  We used a lot of leather strapping and metal hasps.  It could be British or even German.  Are there any stenciled markings or such in it?

The hollow may have been space for a typewriter that would have been set on the drop down front which would have been the work space.

I had another guy with somethnig similar of US manufacture.  Remember that all units with a HQ that would be down to Company size had to file morning reports and after action reports and send them up to higher HQ so the Brass would know the condition of the sub units and how many casualties vs active troops they had at their command.  So these kind of portible offices were necessary and had to be compact and jeep or truck transportable.  I was doing some research on a unit and a lot of its wartime records were destroyed when the HQ was overrun late in the war during the Bulge fighting.  So little is known about what took place, casualties etc. during that time period.

As far as value,a lot of them were produced and few probably survived since these kind of things were sold off as surplus or just trashed.  It might have a good dollar value to one of reenactor groups or to a museum if you can work up the provenance a bit more and know from which army it might be and the time period.

It looks to have quite a bit of alumnimum in it, so it might be post war, more cold war vintage.  The Camo looks more German or British.  See if you can find any printed lables on teh bottom of the drawers or inside it with the drawers removed.  lt me know what you find.

Can you attach a picture? or send it to keithhpatton at hotmail dot com.

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