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Mr. Patton,

I wonder if you can tell me (or perhaps direct me to someone who can) where I might find copies of the actual battlefield maps - including military (artillery) coordinates - which were used during the Korean War. I am particularly interested in the period 1952 - 1953. They are of great value in understanding publicly available command reports issued during the war.

Most of the maps currently available on the Internet are far too sparse and lack coordinates to be of real historical value in following small group operations.

Thanks in advance for your help and direction.



I have the following comments.

The standard maps for the US Army historical division have not changed much since WWII by my reckoning

I would check to see if they published a set of histories of Korea that they did for WWII in the "Green" Books.  They usually had a good set of maps in the back keyed to the text describing the action.

You might be able to request maps from the Defense Mappnig Agency for the Korean Peninsula.  You'd have to determine if the geodectic survey used today is the same one used for maps in 1952-53 to be sure there had not be a godetic shift throwing off the coordinates from the reports and the maps.

There might be something here that will help you:  

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