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I asked a question on 7/8/2013 regarding an Officers Shoulder Scales Epaulette with a button on the Epaulette with CLM on it.I did include Photographs on the original question. Since then I have not heard anything.When I refer to the page about my question it says that the question has been referred back to Mr Keith H.Patton. If you have found anything at all I would be most obliged to hear about it,likewise if you cant find anything out about it, then no problem but please do let me know.
It was sold to me as a Claro item. I hope it is Claro, but I very much doubt it,although the buttons star like design is very much like the East Yorkshire button design. I look forward to your Answer.Regards Andy.

Sorry in the delay in getting back to you.  I could not find much in the way of information on the item.  I cold not find much on your question.  I did find a similar item on Ebay and it sounds like it might actually be your item if I recall your original question.

You might need to post the item on one of the many militaria websites to see what it is actually worth.

Sorry I could not be of more help.  

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