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If you or any of your colleagues have access to Harry Holmes’ book “The World’s Greatest Air Depot: The U.S. 8th Air Force at Warton 1942 – 1945” (ISBN:  1-85310-969-X., published by Airlife, 1998), would you please look up some information for me?

1.  On what particular month and day of 1944 did Glenn Miller (Cab Calloway was part of his band) give his last performance at the Warton BAD 2 in Warton, Lancashire, UK?

2.  I need a list of the units that were assigned to the Warton BAD 2 Maintenance Department from December 1943 to September 1944 (specifically the mechanic units who rebuilt engines).

Thank you SO very much! Your help is greatly appreciated!!


Hello Joseph, I don't have the book mentioned , but can suggest a couple of online sites you could post this on that should be able to help you , they're free to register and post on,
US Militria Forum

Hope this helps and good luck with your research , also I think there's a BAD 2 online site

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