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Hello, I am trying to find out some info concerning my Grandfather, Pvt. Frank Harding Troxler 36889163. According to an application for National Service Life Ins. he joined the Army Nov 30, 1943 and had basic training at Camp Wheeler, GA. I have located his headstone at a cemetery in Raleigh, NC that indicates his DOD as 8/8/1944, but the website also indicates he was not buried until 7/13/1949. His headstone reads Frank H. Troxler Michigan PVT 116 INF WWII. If possible, I would like to know where he died and if he was in combat. Also, why he was buried in Raleigh, NC, who would have made that decision. According to info I have, he left my Grandmother and moved to Michigan sometime in early 1943 and somehow remarried before his death in August 1944. We have little info about him and would appreciate any you can provide. Thank you for you time.

Your grandfather, Pvt. Troxler served with the 116th Infantry Regiment, of the 29th Infantry Division. A record entitled "US Army Dead & Missing Wayne County, State Of Michigan" lists his death on 8/8/1944, and notes that he was DOW, that he Died Of Wounds (received in combat). This means that he lived long enough to be evacuated to a hospital before passing away.

Because he was serving on the front-lines, and given his status as DOW, it is almost certain that he died of complications from wounds received in battle.

Because I do not know the exact date he was wounded (only when he died) I can not determine exactly which battle he was wounded in. In late July/early August the 29th Infantry Division fought in the battles of St. Lo, Vire and Operation Lüttich (Mortain counter-offensive).

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