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Paul,  My father was in WW2 and here is his information:   Harold D. Horn, serial#:  35549114, PFC, Surgical Tech 861, Med Det 385th AAA BN, Normandy, N. France, Rhineland, Ardennes, Central Europe, GO33&40 WD45.  It states he shipped on 29 Jan 44 from USA and arrived in Scottland 6 Feb 44.  Also states he left on 25 Nov 45 and arrived back in USA on 3 Dec 45.  He is from Lima, Ohio and he did go to Camp Perry, Ohi on 1 March 43 for I think was his Reception.  Can you tell me what dates and base he went to Replacement and also Medical School?  I am putting together information for all my family as we never new much about his service info.  Also, the 385thAAA can you tell me the organization he belonged too?  Thanks, Mark

According to my information he went to one of these schools for his surgical tech training.  
Army and Navy General Hospital
Army Medical Center
William Beaumont General Hospital
Billings General Hospital
Brooke General Hospital
Fitzsimons General Hospital
Lawson General Hospital
Letterman General Hospital
O'Reilly General Hospital

As to which one I cannot be certain.  

As to his medical replacement trading he would have been at one of these camps
Camp Ellis, Table Grove, Illinois:
Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois:
Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, Arkansas
Camp Pickett, Blackstone, Virginia
Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Again I do not know which one or have the specific dates.  

His unit as a mobile antiaircraft unit that was meant to protect ground troops from enemy air attacks.  The unit used the M16 .50 quad machine gun. The 40MM Bofors antiaircraft cannon and the 37MM antiaircraft cannon were used quite often.  Many units also had 90mm antiaircraft cannon that were towed by trucks and needed some time to setup.  

I wish had specific information on your father but I would check and

I hope this helps and enjoy the links as they will help

Thank you  

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