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My father, David Waters Sanderson served in the 401st Eng Company B - 34-496-646 - during the Rome Arno battle as well as No Appenies and Po Valley. He served from July 1944 to August 1945. We have conflicting documents as another document states he was in the 399th Regiment of the 100th Infrantry. We know he was in Italy and not France. Do you know who to contact for verification if he actually was in the the 399th regiment?

Thank you,
Judy Mayson, SC

Dear Ms. Mayson,
         The 399th Infantry Regiment, 100th Infantry Division was in France and Germany from 20 October 1944 to January, 1946. There were two 401st Engineer Companies in the European Theater of Operations (ETO): The 401st Engineer Water Supply Battalion was activated at Plattsburg Barracks, New York on 18 April 1942 and left New York Port of Embarkation on 2 November 1942. It arrived in North Africa on 11 November 1942, then arrived in Sicily on 13 July 1943, and then landed in Italy on 10 November 1943. It was inactivated at Naples on 9 October 1944. This unit participated in the following campaigns: Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, and Sicily. Company B is the only company credited for the following campaign: Southern France. The other is the 401st Engineer Combat Battalion which was activated at Borgo di Basono, Italy from the 1st Battalion, 19th Engineer Regiment on 1 March 1945. It is credited for the following campaigns: North Apennines and Po Valley. This unit was scheduled to sail to the South West Pacific Area (SWPA) on shipment #R0488-D but ordered to return to the USA while still at sea. It arrived at the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation on 24 August 1945 and then inactivated at Camp Polk, Louisiana on 6 December 1945. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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