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Im having trouble figuring out what unit my grandfather was in (George H Coffey, 15 055 424). The National Archives couldnt help me much due to the fire that destroyed his record. I have a copy of his W.D., A.G.O. Form 53, the organization listed is, AT Co 410th Inf. which is part of the 103d Inf Div, which he has their patch on his jacket, but from the stories my father told me of the places he had been and the dates on his Form 53 doesnt match up with the 103d Inf, depature date: 5 Sep 1941, destination: ETO, arrival date: 16 Sep 1941, returning depature date: not available, destination: US, arrival date 9 Aug 1945. He entered the service 4 Sep 1940 and seperated 13 Aug 1945. His MOS was Anti-Tank Gun Crewman 610, he entered into service at Fort Thomas, Ky and seperated at Seperation Center, Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Im also try to find out any awards he may have recieved as a unit and any other individual awards as well. The ones listed on his Form 53 are; Combat Infantry Badge, E-A-ME Campaign Medal w/5 bronze stars, American Defense Medal w/bronze star, and Good Conduct Medal, and Lapel Pin (Raptured Duck?). I think he is also intitled to the WWII Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal (Germany clasp) and the Bronze Star for the CIB. I dont know if they had the rifle and pistol clasps back then or not. Ive sent letters to the VA and the only document they had was his last pay and i found one other document in the archives which was his service entry record. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sincerly, David Jeffrey Coffey USN(Ret)

Dear Sir,
       Thank you for your question.  Please note that when you typed your grandfather's Serial Number, the first numeral was a "1".  Serial Numbers that began with a "1" indicated that the soldier was a member of the Regular Army, not a member of the National Guard nor the Army raised to serve in WW 2.  
       The 410th Infantry Regiment was the unit your grandfather was assigned to for his return trip home.  My father had the same thing happen to him for  his return from the ETO in September/October 1945.  
       As to the Departure & Arrival Dates in September 1941.  Not many units went overseas prior to December 7, 1941, so this was a semi-easy one.

Departure Date:   September 5, 1941
Departure Location:   New York Port of Embarkation
Troop Ships:   USS Harry Lee  AP-17
         USS Heywood  AP-12
         USS Republic  AP-33
         USS Wm. P. Biddle  AP-15
Unit(s) Onboard:   5th Infantry Division (Regular Army)
Arrival Date:   September 15, 1941
Arrival Location:   Reykjavik, Iceland

The difference between September 15 & September 16 is that the troop ships dropped anchor on September 15, your grandfather went ashore September 16.
       As to any additional awards, the list you have is complete to me.  The only other award would be a Presidential Unit Citation or a Meritorious Unit Commendation.  But you would have to determine the sub-unit of the 5th Infantry Division that your grandfather was assigned to.  That research would be conducted at Carlisle Barracks, PA.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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