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Hello Mr Horrell
I was hoping you can help me.I have been researching my grandfather and his participation in WWII and have been very fortunate to track his movement thru the war since there is so much material published about the Iron Men of Metz ( He was with the 95th Division, 378th Infantry Company F), but have come across a few things I cant decipher.

A few questions for you if you dont mind:

I have a Hospital Admission card for my grandad by the office of the Surg General for 1945.

The card states :
Admission station: 0330 England,Wales,Scotland,Ireland and/or Eur
Admission MO/YR 1 5
Last treat facility: General Hospital
Diagnosis: Pes Planus
Total days 017
Overseas days 017
Type of disposition 6
Hospital days 017

I also have a copy of an Admissions document which lists:
Admissions-Direct from the Continent US Army:

Next to my grandad's names are the following

Admission # 10897 W
Name Purpura,James R
Serial #
378 Inf
Pes Planus Bil
I 19 C

Can you please explain to me what all of this means? I am especially interested in knowing when he entered the hospital and where the location of the hospital was.
I do know my grandad was hospitalized for Trench foot for 17 days
and suffered all his life from it

Next question?

I have a copy of Special order 29 dated 1/29/25 that lists my grandad. The orders are from:
81st HQ US General Hospital
V hospital group
APO 349 US Army

The order states the following:

The following EM are reld fr atchd unasgd to Det of Patients, 4183 USA Hospital Plant APO 349, and are atchd unasgd to 10th Replacement Depot, APO 874, and WP o/a 31 Jan 45, reporting to the CO thereat: (This is exactly how it reads in the document)

The order lists my grandad, serial #, Grade, type of casualty, status and assignment (which is listed as an L)

Can you tell me what this all means?

These are really the final pieces of the puzzle for my grandfathers movements during the war as I have been able to piece everything together by texts, letters home and veterans accounts.
Thanks in advance for all your help
Ron Purpura

Dear Sir,
       Thank you for your question.  Also, THANK YOU for referring to me as "Mr Horrell"  Good manners NEVER go out of style.  I am familiar with the 378th Infantry Regiment, since I own a copy of the 95th Infantry Division unit history for WW 2.  I will try to answer the question in the order you placed them at AllExperts.  If I skip a question, it is because I have no FACT(S) to share with you.
       Total Days, 017 / Overseas Days, 017 / Hospital Days / 017, in my opinion, match up with the "hospitalized for Trench foot for 17 days"
       V Hospital Group indicates a series of Allied Hospitals in close proximity to each other.  Each hospital in the Group specialized in one sort of malady or wound.
       APO 349 was located at Newport, Wales, October 23, 1944-past V-E Day.
       4183 USA Hospital Plant was similar to V Hospital Group, a series of Allied Hospitals in close proximity to each other.
       10th Replacement Depot, APO 874, I could find no location after June 30, 1942.  It existed, I am just not able to find the FACTS you desire.
       Your grandfather, after he recovered sufficiently for the US Army, was attached, however unassigned to the 10th Replacement Depot.  Known unkindly by members of the US Army as Repple Depples, you NEVER wanted to end up at a Repple Depple!  The Officers at the Repple Depples had no interest, what-so-ever, in returning you to the unit you were originally assigned to.  Therefore, you would end up with a bunch of other soldiers that you knew nothing about, increasing your odds of being a casualty in the next battle.
       My apology for providing you with so few FACTS.  Hopefully these few will lead you to other sources for additional FACTS.  Have you contacted Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania?

   Richard V. Horrell
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