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Hi Francesco
I am trying to confirm if a young man (pictured in attachments) is a relative of mine. Can you tell me if the uniform is recognisable to a particular military unit or region of Italy? And what era would this photo have been taken?
I can give you a few facts about the relative that I am hoping is featured in the photo:
He enlisted in military service in June of 1897 and was assigned to the 7th cavalry of Milano.
Now, the photos appear to be taken in the city of Modena, where there is a Military training college.
I am hoping it is my relative, and that his army unit, may have attended the training college in Modena as part of his service. Is this possible?
Any help or advice would be very much appreciated,

the uniform's appearance is compatible with the 7th Lancieri di Milano regiment during the late 1890's: it's definitely a lancier's uniform, and the collar shape is correct (I cannot be 100% sue about the collar color, of course, since the picture is sepia; anyway, the 7th regiment's color was purple).
The Academy of Modena is the Italian equivalent of the US Army West Point Academy, so it's not possible that the person from the pic was attending to a course at it while still being part of a regular army unit, he would have worn the academy's uniform instead.
It is however probable that he was temporarly seconded to Modena, maybe as auxiliary staff at the Academy (which was named Accademia di Fanteria e Cavalleria - Academy of Infantry and Cavalry - at the time, thus there was surely need for troopers to attend to the horses).

You could try and contact the Italian Ministry of Defense's PR office, they might be able to help locate further information about your relative and even send a copy of his service records:  

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