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I'm trying to replace my father's medals and ribbons from his service in WWII where he served in the army from 1940-1945, starting in the National Guard. What I can't figure out his his service stripes.
According to my fathers discharge papers it states: Grade - S SGT

Does this mean he was a Staff Sergeant? And if so, what stripes would that include?

Thank you!

Dear Ms. Dietrich,
         It would be three stripes (like a sergeant) with one rocker at the bottom. There were two main types of World War II stripes-a cotton light colored version, designed to be worn on the summer weight (washable) clothing and the darker olive drab variety designed for winter (wool) uniforms. The rank is staff Sergeant which had a pre-war monthly base pay of $72.00 and a post-June, 1942 monthly base pay of $96.00. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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