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Hi Keith,

I have a strange Bayonet that I cannot figure out.

It's approximately 26 inches length.

"Appears" to be Hand made.

It's like a bayonet sword.

"Appears" to be some green paint residue on it.

Marked very small CS or CG
also has a small c marked on "back" or Top Edge

This is a tough one!
Can't find anything. like it on internet.
Had a few bayonets but this is a first.

Thanks for your expertise and time!



Have you compared the inside diameter of the socket with a Civil war era Springfield or Enfield bayonet or barrel?

You might want to compare it to the diameter of the 1842 Musket too.  The war saw a lot of the early units equiped with muskets.  With the rapid ramp up of militia units, there might have been enough muskets but not enough bayonets and some states might have had primative expedients hand forged to fill the gap.

Your search might not be limited to the civil war, the American revolution saw the colonials up against the British Regulars and were at a disadvantage when it came to hunting weapons and muskets not being equiped with bayonets.

Looking at the photo, it appears the front sight slot is too low for a Springfield or Enfield.

It may be that you will never be able to determine the specific model musket it was made for but only the caliber range, by the barrel diameter commonly used for specific caliber weapons in use during that period of time. Barrel walls being somewhat standard for bullet weight and bore size.  Bigger bore and bullet, bigger barrel diameter and so on.

The CG or whatnot, might tell you to focus on either states or cities that start with C.  Using my imagination, CG might stand for Charleston Guard or something like that from the War for Independence, or Connecticut pr Confederate.  

Sorry I could not be of more help.

You might post some photos of it on one or more of the bayonet collecting websites out there and see if anyone else has encountered a hand forged socket bayonet.

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