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QUESTION: The records for my father in law's service were mostly destroyed in the 1973 personnel records fire.  We have a picture with "Regensburg Germany" written on the back and a picture with what appears to be MP insignia.  The only documentation the Personnel records center could provide was a final pay worksheet giving the previous organization or place as "3rd Repl APO 872" transfer date June 5, 1946.  Can you tell me where I can find the units that may have been at this address?

ANSWER: Dear Deborah,
         Your father-in-law's APO 872 was used for the U.S. Army units stationed in the Marburg, Germany area. This was under the control of the 3rd U.S. Army. The 3rd Replacement Depot was where they sent your father-in-law for processing home. The 3rd U.S. Army contained a number of units and you would have to go to the National Archives and Records Assoction or NARA to get more information. Also remember, the U.S. Army was quickly demobilizing (as were the other services) and thus the APO list of units is both long and short. May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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Frank Davis final pay redacted
Frank Davis final pay  
QUESTION: We were told he guarded Rudolph Hess and his service time would seem to coincide with the Nuremburg trials and Mr. Hess's transfer to prison.  Also I have read where there was a displaced persons camp at Marburg.  Would an MP have been part of the occupation forces in conjunction with the displaced person's camp? Are there any other clues in the pay statement or images that I am missing? The kneeling in the street has "Regensburg Germany" written on the back. I am thinking the A in the circle on the helmet means 3rd or 5th army. The kneeling in front of the house seems to have a medal not previously displayed received after the war, so we think there is a story there.  We are going over our pictures and trying to enlarge them for any unit clues.

ANSWER: Dear Deborah,
         The city of Marburg is in the state of Hesse while the city of Regensburg is in the state of Bavaria and is located near Nurnberg. Marburg didn't have any DP camp near it but Regensburg did. Between 1945 and 1949, Regensburg was the sight of the largest Displaced Persons (DP) camp in Germany. At its peak in 1946-1947, the workers' district of Ganghofersiedlung housed almost 5,000 Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons. With the approval of the U.S. military government in the American-Allied Occupation Zone, Regensburg and other DP camps organized their own camp postal services. In Regensburg, the camp postal service began operation on 11 December 1946. Yes, they would have U.S. military police to help keep order in the camps and the letter "A" in a circle denotes the U.S. 3rd Army. I hope this helps and may God bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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QUESTION: Thank you.  As I have began studying this, I read about the displaced persons camps.  This makes sense.  Would he have been in the 3rd Army during combat also or would that have changed as troops were combined,etc.? That will help me generally track his service.  We have very few details and dates I might can match up to 3rd Army combat activities. During combat he operated a "Long Tom" cannon.

Dear Deborah,
         You would have to look at his record in the military but as U.S. troops were being sent home after accumulating enough qualifiying points, it would only be natural that soldiers that didn't have the required points would be put to work in other units in other jobs. The Long Tom you mentioned is actually the 155mm Gun M1A1 and M1A2 of which there were a total of 40 batteries in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) during World War II. I hope this helps and May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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