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I'm a wannabe author specialising (assuming one can specialise in something with no real experience, doh) in science fiction and am writing a book based loosely on the second world war Atlantic conflict (US vs. Japan). I have been trying to create a definitive list of ships & bases of the various nations involved ... ships were problematic enough but I think I managed to compile a reasonable list of the vessels involved. Bases are proving more problematic.

Essentially I am after a good list of bases, primarily naval but others as well, of the various nations involved ... I've surfed the net repeatedly and can get a lot of information on current US/Japanese bases but not much on those active during the war so any help would be appreciated.




For Japan the main naval bases were in Japan at Kure and Maizuru Naval Base.  There were several others in Japan and a series of bases all over the Pacific such as at Rabaul.  The 2nd link below will go into greater details of other bases.  As to the US there were dozens.  The 3rd link will go into great detail on those bases.  The 1st link is about airfields that US Army, Marines and Navy fliers used.  The last is to a book about the Bases the US Seabees built and could be very helpful.

I hope this helps and Thank you  

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