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Military History/wwii discharge papers


Daddy was  discharged from 112th AAF Gun Bn--date of separation is 23 Mar 1946
On reason for separation C of G RR1-1 (Demobilization) AR 615-365 15 Dec. 44. I don' understand the C of G

Military qualification MM Bazooka  MM Grenade L
         SSm1 rifle  Exp-Carbine   Exp LMG  SS Bar
How many weapons?  Is mm marksman, etc
what is ss bar? A weapon or ribbon?
Thanks so muchuoa4c

C of G= Convenience of (the) Government. Basically, the war was over, so they no longer needed as many troops.

MM Bazooka= Marksmen Bazooka

SS M1 Rifle= Sharpshooter M1 rifle

EXP Carbine= Expert Carbine (presumably the M1 carbine)

EXP LMG= Expert Light Machine Gun (presumably the M1919 Browning .30 caliber machine gun)

SS BAR= Sharpshooter BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle, a comparatively portable light machine gun)

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