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Dear Mr. Patton,

I have been researching my great uncle's WWII service for about 2 years now.  The family has no paperwork from his time in service as it was all lost in a house fire around 1950.  He was drafted and inducted into service through Milwaukee, WI in October of 1944, but from there, I have no idea where he went until he was with his unit in Germany in April of 1945.  My question for you is, where would the induction center have been in Milwaukee?  Also, from there, where would he have gone for the reception center and from there where would he have done his basic training?  The only information I have is from the morning reports.  He was a combat infantryman assigned to the 54th Armored Infantry Battalion under the umbrella of the 10th Armored Division.  He transferred to the unit from the 3rd Reinforcement Battalion.  Also, from what I have seen on the web, Wisconsin was within the Sixth Service Command and the reception centers were Fort Custer in Battle Creek, MI, Scott Field, Illinois, and Fort Sheridan in Highwood, IL.  At least that is what I know from 1942.  Please help.  Thanks.



There was an induction center on Buffalo Street in Milwaukee. Four Blocks south of Wisconsin Avenue in the Warehouse district.  It was used as the induction center and is now still in use as a warehouse.  Not sure if it was the one next to the Art Insittue of Wisconsin, or the one across teh stree from it.  But it was on Buffalo street.
Inductees were then sent to Camp Grant in Rockford.

Below is a link to an oral history of an inductee telling what it was like at the induction center in Milwaukee.,%2

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