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I have a helmet and canteen dated 1918 with a T.O on it in red superimposed inside is
sgt j.j.c
357 reg. machine gun company 1918
90 division
back from goddamned hell in red    who was j.j.c is there a roster

Dear Oberon,
         The "T" and "O" represented the initials from the states of Oklahoma and Texas where the first members of the unit were from. The 357th Infantry Regiment was part of the 179th Infantry Brigade. The 344th Machine Gun Battalion was part of the 179th Infantry Brigade as well. The 90th Infantry Division was a National Army division which was created to accommodate the large number of conscripts that resulted from the Selective Service Act. To get a roster of the unit with a man by the name of J.J.C., you can contact the NARA or National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C. You can use a request form found at their web site on the Internet.

May God Bless,

Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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