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Trying to help a friend whos father was in the 411th, part of the 373rd fighter group of the 9th Army Air Force in Europe in WWll.
Appreciate any help or advice.

Hello Bill, are you looking for history of the unit , or what exactly ???????
I have images of both the Group and Squadron patches and could make them in leather form, as to the history of the unit I can suggest several sites to post on if he's wanting the history of the Group/Squadron activity during WW-2 , I know they flew P-47's .

My area of knowledge is more in the way of the "emblems" of WW2 military aviation rather than the histories, but here's some address's that may help on that ,

US Militaria
Army Air

Also would suggest trying to see if the 373rd Fighter Group has an online site , most usually do and they usually have a "historian" that should be able to help with the history of the unit .

I can be reached here for info if he's in need of patches

I hope this helps some, all the best to you and him in his search !!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way the Group and Squadron emblems were both of "Unofficial" type .

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