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Clemente in Military Outfit
Clemente in Military O  
I am hoping you may recognize this sword or know what it was called.. the photo was taken around 1890-1895 in Guardialfiera, Italy.  My Great Great Grandfather Clemente Frascatore was in the Cavalleria Genova 4

I was hoping to somehow try to locate a sword like this to hang in my home next to his Discharge Papers ---

email me back if you can and I can send you the photos of them.

the sword (technically it's a sabre) shown in your picture is a Model 1871 cavalry sabre, used by troopers and NCO's from 1871 onward; its variant 1871/29 is still in use nowadays by the Italian Police and Carabinieri (military police) cavalry units.
You can see a photo and description here, under the header "SCIABOLA MOD. 1871 DA CAVALLERIA E 71/29" (it's in Italian, but at least you can compare the pictures):

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