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I acquired while in Germany a world War 1 Artillery Shell trench art vase with ivy design. I am trying to figure out what type of shell and who used it. The dimensions are as follows:

Length 28cm or 11" long
Base: 10cm or 4" long

The markings on the base of the shell has the following:

- 1906 (I figure this is the date of manufacturing)
- A 18 under the date
- CEF to the right of the date
- 18 PR with the R underscored and circled A
- - 20  6  06
- 2 with and arrow pointing to the firing pin area
- R.L. on the other side of the firing pin from above

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank  you,

The shell is of British manufacture.

They are the only combatant who used the "pr" designation.  This means 18 Pdr or 18 pound shell.

This really does not have anything to do with the actual weight, but is an archaic holdover from the days of smooth bore artillery and solid iron ball shot.  An 18 lb shot made of iron had a specific diameter and hence dictated the diameter of the cannon bore.

This held over until after WWII.

The 18lb field gun was the mainstay of British and Commonwealth field artillery during the ar.

It was really an 84 mm bore and the shells were heavier than or lighter than 18lbs depending on the type of projectile.

Here is a picture on one:

The 1906 is the date of manufacture so this was made before the war, which started in 1914.

R.L. stands for Royal Laboratories Woolwich. which manufactured the shell.

18 would be the size of the propellant charge.  CEF would be Cordite Full charge.

The 20 6 06 is the lot number of the shell.  

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