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Dear Mr. Horrell,

I noticed you have expertise with the QM Corp.  I am trying to collect information regarding my Uncle, Raymond G. Love, who died 25 Feb 1945 near Ockfen, Germany.  At the time of his death, he belonged to Co. F, 376th Infantry Regiment.  His service records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the records center and information is sparse.  I was able to obtain his individual deceased personnel file as prepared by the QM Corp from the DOA.  It contains a bit of information after his death.

I have some information left by his stepmother that states he was originally in the 241th QM Corpafter enlisting aabout July 29, 1940 at Richmond, VA as a private.  He was stationed at one time in Fort Myres, VA and attended Holabird School in Baltimore, MD.

On 23 Jan 1942 he landed in Iceland and served there for 23 mths.  No details of this service.  He was then transferred to England and served with "W. ?" [unreadable letter] Forces during the Normandy Campaign.  He returned to England as a Prison Guard, location unknown, and MP.  He was transferred with his company (company ID unknown) to the Infantry, 94th Division, 376th Infantry Co. A in late 1944, Lt. Col Raynov Anderson Commanding.

Family lore has it that while in Europe, he worked or drove with the Red Ball Express, however, there is a total lack of any confirmation.

I would much appreciate any information as to his time in the QM Corp, Iceland, England, MP service, and the company's transfer to the infantry, that you may be able to provide.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Robert Love
Nephew of Pvt. Raymond G. Love
KIA 25 Feb 1945
Near Ockfen, Germany

Dear Mr. Love,
       Thank you for your question.  Also, THANK YOU for referring to me as "Mr. Horrell".  Good manners NEVER go out of style.
       In your question you typed "His service records were destroyed in the 1973 fire at the records center".  Respectfully, that is incorrect.  Your uncle's "service records" became a part of the I.D.P.F. when he was K.I.A.  The I.D.P.F. were never at the records center in St. Louis, so your uncle's "service records" were not in St. Louis to be destroyed.
       In your question you typed "I was able to obtain his individual deceased personnel file".  EXCELLENT!  The I.D.P.F. is THE BEST source for FACTS to begin accurate historic research.
       In your question you typed "I have some information left by his stepmother that states he was originally in the 241st QM".  May I ask, what is your source for this "information"?  A Primary Source Document?  Newspaper clipping?  An address or return address on the envelope of wartime mail?  The only two QM Units I could find activated for WW 2 with the numerical designation "241st" were the 241st QM Depot Company, Supply & the 241st QM Laundry Platoon.
       In your question you typed "attended Holabird School in Baltimore, MD."  The QM Motor Transport School was located at the Holabird QM Depot near Baltimore, Maryland.
       In your question you typed "On 23 Jan 1942 he landed in Iceland".  Again, may I ask, what is your source for what you typed.  The dates do not match, but this may be of interest to you:

Departure Date:   January 15, 1942
Departure Location:   New York Port of Embarkation
Troop Ships:   USAT Borinquen
         USS Munargo  AP-20
Arrival Date:   January 25, 1942
Arrival Location:   Reykjavik, Iceland

       In your question you typed "Family lore has it that.......a total lack of any confirmation."  Considering that your uncle trained (your information, not mine) at the Holibird QM Depot, his participation with the Red Ball Express is possible.
       For you to obtain all the "information" you desire, I suggest you start at February 24, 1945 & work backward.  You typed that your uncle was transferred to Company A, 1st Battalion, 376th Infantry Regiment, 94th Infantry Division "in late 1944".  So, start with the unit records (Morning Reports) starting February 24, 1945 & work backwards.  At some point your uncle will be listed as an Infantry Replacement, as well as the unit he was assigned to prior to his assignment with Company A.  Once you know the previous unit, obtain that unit's records (Morning Reports) & again work backwards.  Keep going backwards with every new unit until you reach "July 29, 1940" when your uncle enlisted "at Richmond, VA as a private."
       The location of the unit records is:

US Army Heritage & Education Center
950 Soldiers Drive
 Carlisle   PA   17013

       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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