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My father (Robert Roys) was in the 42nd Rainbow Div, 232 inf, Company I.
APO4 11

Until just about a week ago, I didn't know what company he was in, since he passed away in 1972, while I was serving my last day in Viet Nam. He had several artifacts from the war including many pictures of Dachau, a huge Nazi flag and a Luger.

Unfortunatly, those items were taken by an In-law family member around 1975. My Mother recently gave me a scrap book his Mother kept along with several letters and publications of the Rainbow Rev. there is also a long list of cities he passed thru.

In the papers she gave me were his discharge papers. He was a Technical Sgt.

He didn't speak much about his time in the military, until I came home for my leave before I left for Viet Nam. That was when I found out about his unit and Dachau. He said he made Sgt because just about everyone else was killed.

I would like to find out more about his specific company, if I could.

Have a nice evening....Gary Roys

I have not found anything in my records on I company.  I would check the below web sites.  The first link is a Memorial to veterans and families of the Rainbow division.  One of the chapters is about the 232 and may have what you seek.  Also get your Fatherís official records from the government.  The 2 last links below will help with his history in the US Army.  The other links will provide more history of the Rainbow Division.  I am sorry I donít have specific information on your Fatherís unit but I hope the links help.

Thank you  

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