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I am looking for any photographs of my natural father who was a member of the AAF and enlisted from Ft. Snelling in 1942.  It appears he was stationed in North Africa before being sent to a convalescent hospital and honorably discharged in December of 1943 from Memphis.The Missouri fire claimed his record.s His last pay voucher contains information and know he was born in Minneapolis and came back to Minneapolis and resided there until he died in 1973. Is there any way you can help me?  I know it is like looking for a needle as the saying goes, but I just need just one photograph of him to make my quest complete.  Thank you for your time.Pfc. AAV Det. of Pnts and the other side says Pfc, AAF Reason SO #292 Hq. AGH, Memphis, TN. Hon. Disch per ODD (Sec II. AR615-360 and per part 1.  Thank you so much for your time and assistance.  Any information or photographs would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "#17107183".  During WW 2, when a soldier's Serial Number (NOT a Social Security Number) began with the arabic numeral "1" it meant that the soldier was a member of the Regular Army, as opposed to the National Guard or the Army of the United States.
       In your question you typed that you are "looking for any photographs of my natural father".  With all due respect, I do not know what a "natural father" is.  Is the status pertinent to this request?
       In your question you typed that the soldier "enlisted" in the US Army.  May I ask for your source that the soldier "enlisted" as opposed to being Drafted?
       In your question you typed "It appears he was stationed in North Africa".  May I ask for your source that the soldier "was stationed in North Africa"?
       In your question you typed "was sent to a convalescent hospital".  Was the convalescent hospital overseas or in the USA?
       In your question you typed "The Missouri fire claimed his record".  Yes, the fire did destroy his personnel file, but what about the soldier's Discharge Documents?  The soldier was provided with 6-10 copies of his Discharge Documents.  Where are those Discharge Documents?
       In your question you typed "Is there any way you can help me?"  Since you typed that you are looking for "any photograph" I assume (something I am loathed to do) the "photograph" does not have to be of the soldier in uniform.  You indicate that the soldier had a Minneapolis connection?  How about the High Schools in Minneapolis.  Check with each H.S. for the yearbooks.  If he attended H.S., his photograph should appear in a yearbook.
       Many times when a citizen of _?_?_?_ entered the US Military, the local newspaper had a story about the individual entering the US Military.  Often times a photograph was within the story.  Check with the Minneapolis newspaper that was publishing "in 1942."
       Check with the V.F.W. and/or the American Legion post that the soldier would have been a member of after WW 2.  Sometimes the post had photographs of the post's members.
       Did the Veteran attend any sort of school after WW 2?  If so, ask the school if they may have a photograph.  If the school no longer exists, contact the state Board of Education & ask them where the records/archives of the closed school are at.
       Where did the Veteran work after WW 2? Visit the business & see if they have photographs of former employees.  If the business no longer exists, visit City Hall & ask the status of the business.  Where are the records for the business.
       Was the Veteran involved in any local amateur sport teams, civic groups, etc?  If so, check with said group(s).
       In your question you typed "SO #292 Hq. AGH, Memphis, TN."  That should translate to "Special Order #292, Headquarters A_______ General Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee.  Sorry, I do not know of a General Hospital in Memphis that started with the letter "A".  That does not mean there was not one, just that I do not know of one.  Check with the main branch of the Memphis Public Library.  I bet they have someone on staff that could help you learn about the A_______ General Hospital.
       Did the Veteran ever receive medical care from the V.A.?  If so, I would contact the V.A. to see what records they may have.  
       You are looking for a needle in a haystack, but such needles in said location have been found.  The secret is to get your request out to as many people as possible.  When someone says no, they do not have a photograph, ask them for their suggestion as to where to look next.  As a semi-great man once said, "If you don't try, you don't do!"  Keep trying, what do you have to loose.
       Ooops, almost forgot.  Have you looked the Veteran up in the 1940 Census?  There will not be a photograph, but there will be FACTS that may be of assistance to you.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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