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Mr. Signor,
I believe my father served in the 3010 AAF Base unit. I found an old Army First Aid manual with the unit name written in pencil. I am trying to find out information on the unit. My father (Robert Mayfield)was an African-American who served during WWII. His official records were destroyed in a fire years ago. He died when I was very young. So, I never got to talk to him about his service. I don't have any pictures of him.I know that Williams AAFB was turned over to the civilians years ago. I was wondering if you knew if there is a museum at the Williams Gateway Airport Authority (new name of Williams AAFB)?

Thanks for your support
Calvin Mayfield

Hello Calvin, I wish I could tell you something about his background, also I am not sure if there's a museum there where the AFB used to be located , I would think so , but I'd be guessing, I would suggest you try googling the airport name and the old AFB name and see if there's any info that way .

I have heard a lot of veterans lost there records in the fires in the past and that is a shame as they should have had backup files somewhere .

Sorry I can't be of more help , but you may also want to try these sites for posting your searches on, they are free to sign up on and to post ..............
US Militaria Forum
Army Air

I wish you all the best and Happy New Year to you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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