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Do you know of any books available on line such as that deal with a first person German account of the Russian front of WW2 that are in English. Any accounts that tell of survival to the end or those that tell of surviving the Russian Gulags.
James Teschler

I am sorry but the only book(s) from the German side on the Eastern Front of WW2 that I am aware of were written by a Dane who served (or so he claims) in a German tank (Panzer) batallion during that war as a volunteer. Mainly on the East Front but also elsewhere. He has written several books - probably translated to English - but they are somewhat controversial. I read some of them as a teenager (I was born in early 1945) but found them too violent for my taste (and I am not squeemish - I am an MD and I have spent 15 years in the Swedish Army as a military doctor and about as much time in the Stockholm Police Department as a police surgeon and medical examiner). His name is Sven Hassel. He died in 2012 and you can read about him on Wikipedia. Some of the books I read in his native Danish (very close to Swedish especially in writing though Norwegian is even closer) and some in translated form in my native Swedish.But I think they have been translated to English too. I do not know if I can recommend them since I did not like them but they are the only I know of and can think of. Good luck! P.S. Hassel means Hazel in English and seems to have been his mother's maiden name which he adopted.

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