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mark 4 torpedo
mark 4 torpedo  
My dad brought this back from the navy.he was in 1949-52.. he recently passed n i got this item. Im curious what it is and value..wooden stand with chain around display with  stainless steel and brass and weighs about pound and a half...mark 4 miniature torpedo..


I would imagine that it is something commemorative that he got at retirement/discharge or when changing units.  Since he was only in for three years, I assume he was an enlisted man.  Do you know what MOS he was in?  MOS is military occupational specialty.  He may have been in the submarine service or a torpedo specialist.  Do you know what ship he served on?  Is their a commemorative plaque on it?

Every naval ship of WWII and his era had a machine shop.  Even a submarine as small and cramped as they were, had a machine shop with metal lathe and stock materials to make repairs.  Machinists had time on their hands and this was probably made in the ships machine shop as a gift from shipmates to your dad.  

As to value, if you have provenance, that it knowledge of its history who it was given from to whom, it makes it more valuable.  From a purely $$ perspective it might be worth several hundred dollars to the right collector.

If you plan to keep it, I would add an engravd brass plaque to it, with your fathers name and dates of service.  Else the provenance you do know will be lost when your kids or thier kids get it.  You could put it on the bottom if you don't want to ruin the look of it as is by placing it on the top.  If you don't have the information it might be in your dad's papers or you can get it from the Armed Services records section.

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