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Military History/1st Lt. Mary C. Johnsom, A.N.C., WW 2


serial#N745557.entered May 11, 1944, exited March 1, 1946. arrived from US Nov.6 1944, Marseille France. served 14months in central Europe. 8 months with 132 evacuation hospital,started dec 9th, 1944. transferred to 12th evacuation hospital august 11, 1945.where in Germany, then when did she transfer to 120th station hospital? where in Germany was that? plan on creating a time line for my mom. have a jacket lining with 75 badges from soldiers that died, have located 70 of them. she had PTSD so severe that she couldn't talk about any of her experience. will put information in Museum Tuolumne, ca. her home. thank you so much. having a hard time with all of this. think her records were burned in 1973.let me know if you want photos of the military badges. thank you so much, Roberta,youngest of 6.

Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "entered May 11, 1944".  Was that the date 1st Lt. Johnson entered the Cadet Nurse Program, or the date she entered the U.S. Army?
       In your question you typed "arrived from US Nov.6 1944, Marseille France."

Departure Date:   October 27, 1944
Departure Location:   New York Port of Embarkation
Troop Ship:   SS Mariposa
Arrival Date:   November 6, 1944
Arrival Location:   Marseilles, France
    via the Straits of Gibraltar

       In your question you typed "8 months with 132 evacuation hospital,started dec 9th, 1944."      If 1st Lt. Johnson arrived in Southern France November 6, 1944, but "started dec 9th, 1944" what unit was she assigned to from November 6, 1944 to December 9, 1944?
       In your question you typed "transferred to 12th evacuation hospital august 11, 1945.where in Germany"?  How do you know the 12th Evacuation Hospital was in Germany on August 11, 1945?  I suggest you consult:

History of the 12th Evacuation Hospital, 25 August 1942 to 25 August 1945
by __?__?__
Nuremberg, Germany        Selbaldus Verlag        1945

There is a copy of the unit history at U.S. Army Military History Institute Library, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.
       In your question you typed "when did she transfer to 120th station hospital? where in Germany was that?"  Since I do not have access to 1st Lt. Johnson's Discharge Documents, I do not have those FACTS to share with you.
       In your question you typed "plan on creating a time line for my mom."  Since you are trying to obtain FACTS, may I suggest you create the timeline, then ask your mother to fill in any __?__?__ you may have about her service during WW 2.  With the timeline already on paper, you will only have to upset your mother once as per her "PTSD".
       In your question you typed "have a jacket lining with 75 badges from soldiers that died".  Pardon me for being obtuse, but how would your mother obtain "badges" from soldiers that are deceased?  Also, a "jacket lining"?  I know of military personnel that sewed to an army blanket the shoulder patches of military personnel they met, but a "jacket lining"?  Oh well, learn something new everyday.
       In your question you typed "have located 70 of them."  You mean you have located the graves of 70 of the Veterans?
       In your question you typed "will put information in Museum Tuolumne, ca.".  I will include my mailing address at the end of this reply, since all reputable museums will wish to know the source of the FACTS I have provided you.
       In closing, I have a question for you.  What is your source for the units, dates & locations that you typed in this question?  
       Good Luck with your quest.

  Richard V. Horrell
   WW 2 Connections
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