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Hello Mr. Horrell:
I am seeking help in trying to understand my deceased fathers discharge papers.  He was in a vehicle accident with a head injury while serving his second term of enlistment and subsequently never talked about his life and experiences in the Army.  Any help you can give our family would be greatly appreciated.

Enlisted 20 Feb 1946 Ft. Monmouth, NJ - Separation 17 Aug 1947 Ft. Lawton, WA.

(6) Organization: 188th PRCHT INF REGT 1? A/B DIV.  What was their role during this time in history?

(30) Military Occupation: Accounting Clerk 055 - What does the 055 stand for?

(31) Military Qualification: MM M1 Rifle - does this mean he was proficient in use of this rifle?

(33) Decorations: WWII Victory Medal and Army of Occupation Medal Japan - Does this mean he was in Japan?

(36)Service Outside Continental U.S: Departure 11 Jun 46 - Destination PTO - Date of Arrival 24 Jun 46.  U.S. Departure 21 Jun 47 - Destination USA - 9 Jul 1947.  What does PTO stand for?

(39) Prior Service:  AUS 2 Day.  What does AUS stand for?

(40) Reason & Authority for Separation: Demobilization  What does this mean?  He only served 18 mos of a 3 year enlistment.  

(41) Service School: PRCHT School 3 weeks - Why would he go to Parachute School when his occupation was an Accounting Clerk?

(55)Remarks:  Lapel Button Issued.  Terminal Leave 19 Jul 47 to 17 Aug 47 -  What does the Terminal leave and those dates mean?

Enlisted 29 Apr 48 NYC - Separation 3 Oct 52 Camp Kilmer, NJ

(3) Grade & Date of Appointment: CPL (P) 2 May 49 See #17 & #19 Many dates of entry.  Not sure what this means.

(8) Reason & Authority for Separaton:  AR615-365COFG (PETS)& SECIV DA CIR 38/52 & DATWX323863-25 APR 52  What does all that mean?

(17) Means of Entry other than by induction: INVOL EXT 1 YEAR PL 51 VOL EXT 1 YEAR  Box for Enlisted is checked and 5 years is typed next to it.  
(19) Date and Place of Entry:  29 Apr 1948 NYC  Not sure what this all means?

(27) Decorations: ARMY OF OCCUPATION MEDAL GERMANY  GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL GO 1 HQ 709 MP BN DTD 28 APR 51.  What does it mean after "Good Conduct Medal"?  

(28) Duty Assignment: CO A 709TH MP BN - What does BN mean?

(30) Service School: EUCOM QM SCHOOL - What does this mean?

(38) Remarks:  MOP $300 - NO DAYS LOST UNDER SEC 6 (A) APP 2B MCM 1951  What does this mean?

Thank you for your time and help in understanding my fathers papers.  Any questions please feel free to ask me and I will do my best to answer.


Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your question.  Before I begin, please allow me to place my answers in context.  For this reply, hostilities of WW 2 ceased September 2, 1945.  Every day after that date my knowledge base (FACTS) decrease.  So for me to provide you with FACTS during the period February 20, 1946-October 3, 1952 will NOT be thorough as I would prefer.

(6) the 188th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne Division was serving as Occupation Forces in Japan "during this time in history".

(30) "055" was the Military Occupational Specialty Number assigned to "Accounting Clerk".  

(31)  Yes

(33)  Yes

(36)  P.T.O.  =  Pacific Theater of Operation

(39)  A.U.S.  =  Army of the United States, the men Drafted to serve in the U.S. Army during WW 2 for the duration plus 6 months.  

(40) The U.S. Military was demobilizing as a result of V-J Day.  Fewer men in uniform were needed, so back to civilian life.

(41)   The #1 job of EVERYONE in the U.S. Military is to kill the enemy!!!  If there is no enemy to kill, then you can be an "Accounting Clerk 055".  When it was time to kill the enemy, your father arrived at the battle via "Vertical Envelopment".

(55)   Your father was due to be Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Army on August 17, 1947.  While serving, he accumulated Leave (Furlough) Time which had to be used prior to discharged.  Basically, your father was un-officially discharged on July 19, 1947, but the U.S. Army wanted to keep him on a short string, in case WW 3 broke out.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(3)   Your father was promoted to Corporal, May 2, 1949

(8)   I have no idea

(17)   I have no idea

(19)   Your father entered the U.S. Army in New York, New York, April 29, 1948

(27)   General Order #1, Headquarters, 709th Military Police Battalion, Dated April 28, 1951

(28)   Battalion

(30)   European Communication Zone Quartermaster School

(38)   Your father was provided with $300.00 when he was Honorably Discharged.  The rest at you typed, I have no idea

       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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