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Dear Sir, the only things I know about my father is

Name: Haden Eli Barkley
He was a PFC in the 334 Infantry Regiment, 84 Infantry Divison.
He entered the service in Texas from Camp Howze, Texas. He died April 9, 1945. He's buried in Netherlands American Cemetery at Margraten. I was born 3/13/1945. I don't know if he knew i had been born. He was awarded a purple heart. I would like to know as many details as i can such what ship carried him to europe, what happened in the final battle, anything. I appreciate anything you can find out. I,ve been researching, but having a hard time. I like to get information before I'm not here anymore.
Thank you for your time. PS serial #38696178

Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your question.  In your question you typed "He was a PFC".  Pay was $54.00 per month.
       In your question you typed "in the 334 Infantry Regiment, 84 Infantry Division.  That is correct, here are a few more details:

Company A,
1st Battalion,
 334th Infantry Regiment,
  84th Infantry Division

       As to the troop ship that transported the 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division to the E.T.O. in 1944:

Departure Date:   September 20, 1944
Departure Location:   New York Port of Embarkation
Troop Ship:   U.S. Army Transport Thomas H. Barry
Arrival Date:   October 1, 1944
Arrival Location:   Southampton, England

       There are two books which I suggest that you read.  The first is:

The 84th Infantry Division in the Battle of Germany
by Theodore Draper

You can obtain an EXCELLENT reprint from The Battery Press in Nashville, Tennessee.  The second book is titled:

A History of the 334th Infantry, 84th Division
by Perry S. Wolff
Mannheim, Germant        Mannheimer Grossdruckerei        1945

There is at least one copy located at the U.S. Army Military History Institute Library, located at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  The facility is NOT a lending library, so you may wish to have them photocopy ($$$) the book for you.  Or, try searching the internet for an original copy ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).
       The single best source for FACTS about your father's role in WW 2 is his I.D.P.F. (Individual Deceased Personnel File).  Obtaining a copy of the I.D.P.F. is free, but there is a 3-5 month wait due to volume.  Send your letter-of-request to:

Department of the Army
US Army Human Resources Command
  1600 Spearhead Division Avenue    Dept. 107
   Fort Knox, Kentucky     40122-5504

Include in your letter-of-request the following, EXACTLY AS I HAVE TYPED IT HERE

Name:   Barkley, Haden E.

Rank:   Private, First Class

Serial Number:   38696178

Entered Service From:   Hidalgo County, Texas

Unit:   Company A, 1st Battalion, 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division

Date K.I.A.:  April 9, 1945

Be sure to include a daytime telephone number if there are questions.  One more point about the I.D.P.F.  When you obtain your copy, have a close friend read it for the first time.  Contents can be gruesome, as per the pathology report (condition of the body) of your father's remains.  I type this from personal experience.
       While your father was assigned to the 334th Infantry Regiment, the UNIT was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for the period February 23-March 5, 1945.  Was Department General Order #68 (1945) #11 (1946).  This is an award your father IS entitled to.
       Since your father served in the Infantry for such a long period of time, undoubtedly he was awarded a C.I.B. (Combat Infantryman Badge) one of the most coveted awarded by any soldier in the U.S. Army.  This is an award your father IS entitled to.
       The National Defense Act of September 1947 (YES, two years AFTER WW 2 ended) retro-actively awarded to all those who were awarded a C.I.B., a Bronze Star Medal for Valour.  This is an award your father IS entitled to.
       The person to assist you with obtaining these awards is the U.S. Congressperson that represents you in Washington, D.C.  Contact their local state office & someone there will assist you.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
    WW 2 Connections
     2011 Richard Jones Road
      Apt      E 26
       Nashville   TN   37215-2837

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