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Epaulette close up
Epaulette close up  
I purchased this beautiful pair of milotary epaulettes in London some months a go, the antique store didn't know anything about them, he had just purchased them the day before and they weren't even on display but we liked them and bought them. Now I am searching all over the place to try and find information about them, rank, nationality and the such but can't find anything! Any ideas would be gratefully received.


Bingo!  Australia  Check out the attached pic.


Wanted to correct myself.  They look to be Canadian.

Look at the new attached picture.  I seems the Various British commonwealth armies used the basic same form but with different devices.  The three lions are used on the Indian badge, the crown and star are used on the Canadian epaulet.

A bit out of my area, but I'll hazard a guess.  Judging by the Imperial Crown in the center, and the Cross below, my first gut reaction was this: Imperial English, probably Indian Colonial Army.  the stylized Sword and baton(?) embroidery pushed me in that direction.

If you go here

Take a look at the current insignia.  The first from the left, the General's epaulette looks very similar, except the Imperial Crown has been replaced with some Indian device, rather than the English Royal Crown.  

So my guess is that you have a set of Colonial Indian Army Epaulets.  They would have to date back before 1947 when India was granted independence.  

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