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QUESTION: bI obtained my brothers service record

question  My brother was stationed in Germany Mar45-June46. The record state 537 AAA AW Bn,  Apo 751
to Co 2nd Reinf Depot  left this organization 9 may 1946.

Where was this located? He did work on the trains. Have poured over records for 2 wks trying to learn where he was in combat. He was part of Co c 272 infantry 1st Bn, 69th infantry division trained as a rifleman. Thank you for your help

Ps my Grandmother was a Horrell or Horall.

ANSWER: Good Day,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "obtained my brothers [sic] service record".  SUPERB!!!  May I ask for the source of your brother's "service record"?
       In your question you typed "My brother was stationed in Germany Mar45-June46."  Hostility ceased May 8, 1945, so your brother spent the bulk of his time in the E.T.O. after combat ceased.
       In your question you typed "The record state 537 AAA AW Bn, Apo 751" & "Where was this located?"  APO 751 was located at Camp Grohn, near Bremen, Germany, beginning on May 19, 1945.
       In your question you typed "Have poured over records for.......69th infantry division".  May I suggest you read the following:

History of the Battle Axe Regiment of the Fighting 69
ed. by E. Kline Fletcher
Leipzig, Germany        J.J. Weber        1945

There is a copy at the U.S. Army Military History Institute Library, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  The facility is NOT a lending library, so I see a road trip in your future.  LUCKY YOU!!!
       In your question question you typed "Ps my Grandmother was a Horrell or Horall."  Well, it sure is a small world.  My grandmother was a Barbeau.
       Good Luck with your quest & road trip!  I'm envious!

   Richard V. Horrell
    WW 2 Connections

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QUESTION: I obtained my brothers service records from National Personnel Records Center, St Louis,MO.
Question ( it states he was trained as a rifleman  one line which has faded over the years has a faint (APO 411) the next 3 lines have faded and cannot read.  10 Sept45 (600T45 Btry D 537 AAA Aw bn,,  Trace checker 677? )What does this mean?

Thank you for your information. I vividly remember WW2 the rationing, in my 2 room grade school, we knitted scarfs for the soldiers, planted victory gardens. I am 79 yrs old!!His medals were passed on to me.

Good Day,
       Thank you for your follow-up.  In it you typed "APO 411".  "APO 411" was the APO for the 42nd Infantry Division.

Departure Date:   November 25, 1944
Departure Location:   New York Port of Embarkation
Troop Ships:   SS Bienville     1,797 Troops onboard
         USS General W.M. Black  AP-135     3,144 Troops onboard
         USAT Edmund B. Alexander     5,348 Troops onboard
         (elements of the 42nd Infantry Division onboard each of the Troop Ships listed)
Arrival Date:   December 8, 1944
Arrival Location:   Marseilles, France
    via the Straits of Gibraltar, December 7, 1944

       In your follow-up you typed "Trace checker 677?  What does this mean?"  I could not find a "Trace checker" listed as a M.O.S. (Military Occupational Specialty) for the US Army during WW 2.  M.O.S. #677 was for a Military Policeman.
       Good Luck with your quest.

    Richard V. Horrell
     WW 2 Connections

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