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I came across a website that acknowledged expert help from Johnny Signor in identifying a USN WWII squadron patch for VB-16 on the USS Lexington in 1944.  That squadron was commanded by my uncle (for whom I'm named) and I'm trying to build a journal on his service career that includes examples of all the units he was assigned.  

While he was in command of VB-16, his boss, the Carrier Air Group commander (or CAG-16) was transferred to another position, and my uncle was elevated to CAG-16 (in charge of VB-16, VF-16, and VT-16) from Oct 1943 to July 1944.  

I have not been able to find an example of the CAG-16 patch if there was one.  Any ideas?

Hello Ernest , I have only a slightly fuzzy black and white image of the CAG-16 emblem ,it is a shield background with a rounded bottom, inside the shield are 5 emblems, in center with the four other Squadrons is VT-16(Disney design of Indian in headdress etc holding torpedo riding on airplane) ,top right is VF-16 Dog Standing on cloud with pistol,bottom right VBF-16(Dog holding bomb),top left VB-16 bottom left VFN-16(dog holding lamp)
I don't know if this was ever made into a "patch" per se, but at least was made into a drawing "concept" with the emblems on it with the "Air Group 16" title across top of the shield

I have the colors for the unit emblems but not the shield colors, so that part would be a guess.

I make Leather unit patches of all services flying unit types .
I would suggest your try finding an online contact for the Lexington and see if they have any records of the emblem, I could make this into a nice leather patch if you can find out what the shield background colors were. Or I could make you the emblems and you could have a CAG name title etc made and have them all framed/matted .

Anyway , I will also see if I can find something more on this design , I am quite busy at times with my patch work and other research , but will get back to you ASAP if I do find positive info about it .

I hope this helps you some in your search !
P.S. sorry I don't have a scanner or I would send you the image , but as mentioned it is somewhat blurry so not sure if it would be of much help .

All the best !

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