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Hi there, I was waiting anxiously for you to send me an email. but I returned to the sight and found you input. I have taken pictures of my moms army coat lining and will send them to you. don't you have a basic email address. I don't belong to the fancy stuff you are signed up for. anyway the army library in pa has nothing on 132 evacuation hospital. my mom died in the spring and the only thing she told me was when I was working in a trauma bay, I asked her how she did it. she told me there were dead bodies stacked outside the outhouse and she had to ask herself: do I go insane, or become cold stone. number two was her answer. I have to snoop around and find the proof that evac 12 went to Germany in August 1945. I lost the important paper my brother gave me on entry and exit from the war. I have to send for it. I have her orders, I will send to you but have to figure out how. I found the badges on line that indicate which infantry they were in. that's older siblings have been very difficult. I thought mom's jacket should go to new Orleans museum, but they want it at her home in Tuolumne Ca. I will send you what I have, the phots. I have tried to find her and again, nothing comes up. I have a degree in science, just so you don't think I am totally incompetent and have spent hours online, hours.thank you very much, I will send you whatever you would like, I don't think she would care if anything is shared, thanks again.

Dear Ms.,
       I acknowledge your follow-up.  In it you typed "I was waiting anxiously for you to send me an email."  That is not possible, since I do not have your e-mail address.
       In your follow-up you typed "don't you have a basic email address."  Yes, I do.
       In your follow-up you typed "I don't belong to the fancy stuff you are signed up for."  I have no idea what "fancy stuff" I am "signed up for."  I have a basic AOL Account, as well as volunteering my time at AllExperts.  NOTHING FANCY ABOUT ANY OF THAT.  The concept of AllExperts is that people, ON LINE ask questions about their loved one's role in WW 2.  The experts at AllExperts then try to answer the questions, ON LINE.  Everyone that visits AllExperts benefits from the ON LINE concept, since many of the questions/answers benefit those not even asking a question.  It's a communal type approach.
       In your follow-up you typed "I lost the important paper my brother gave me on entry and exit from the war."  Losing your mother's Discharge Documents was NOT good.
       In your follow-up you typed "I have to send for it." Send for "it" to whom???  Your mother was provided with 6-10 copies of her four page Discharge Documents when she was discharged from the US Army.  Where are those 6-10 copies?  There is no "it" to send to for, because your mother was provided with 6-10 copies, so the copies could be placed in 6-10 DIFFERENT locations, so ALL OF THEM could not be lost.  Where are the 6-10 copies?  I suggest you begin with your family.  Even if your siblings are "very difficult" they would be the ones to speak with for their knowledge of the 6-10 copies of your mother's Discharge Documents.  
       In your follow-up you typed "have spent hours online".  People have researched for centuries prior to the "online" became available.  Maybe you could try the off-line method, a Library.  Have you tried the services of a Professional Military History Researcher?
       Good Luck with your quest.

  Richard V. Horrell
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