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How did the US help the Jews in WW2 (Europe) after claiming victory over the Nazis?

The quick answer is quite a story.  Many of the Jews had no homes to return to and those Jews from Eastern Europe had little incentive to go home.  The US and British Army setup internment camps after the original camps were freed and in many cases burned down.  Many Jews then immigrated to the US, some stayed in Europe and others left for Israel.  The camps the US maintained were not the best but after a massacre of Jews in Poland in 1946 the US and British zones of Germany were safer than any other spot. There were problems in these camps with a thriving black market that let to violence.  Then in 1947 with the establishment of Israel and new US laws many left Europe for the US and Israel.  The US had almost 300,000 Jews in internment camps until 1947.  Feeding and caring for these people was the responsibility of the US Army and the Jews of camps refused to let the local Germany government take over control.  

I have included some websites that will go into more detail.

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