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Sir, I would greatly appreciate any information you could provide on the 12th Repl Depot APO 551. The morning report for my cousin, 1LT Howard A. Lloyd, states he was assigned to Hq Co, 358th Inf from this organization on 12Jun44. Was the "12th Repo Depot" the primary unit for providing replacements for the losses being suffered during the fighting in Normandy? As you're probably aware, the 358th Inf Regiment was part of the 90th Inf Division, a unit which suffered enormously heavy casualties during the fighting to breakout from the beachhead established around Utah Beach. Was the 12th Repl Depot located in England? Can you establish if it was a corps, army or theater level unit?
If you can recommend sources for information on how the replacement system functioned during WW2, most specifically in support of Operation Neptune/Overlord, I would be most helpful.
    The Company Morning Report Document also states that he "Assumed princ dy Asst Liaison Off 19304". Any idea what the number "19304" refers to? This same number is handwritten in the column marked "Code".
    Unfortunately, a subsequent morning report indicates "DOW 16 June 44". He is buried in the beautiful US Military Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach.
    Thank you for assisting with my efforts to establish the details of my cousin's WW2 service.

Dear Sir,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "12th Repl Depot APO 551."  APO 551, established June 1, 1943, was assigned to the 65th General Hospital at Botesdale, England, October 10, 1943.  Relocated to Haddon Hill, England on May 10, 1944, the next relocation was to Charrd, England in August 1944.  Nowhere is there a mention of an association of APO 551 with the 12th Replacement Depot.  That does not mean there was not an association, only that there is no mention of an association.
       In your question you typed "Was the "12th Repo Depot" the primary unit for providing replacements for the losses being suffered during the fighting in Normandy?"  I would not agree the 12th Replacement Depot (Repple Depple) was the primary, but I would agree it played a significant role.  The 12th Replacement Depot was based at Belfast, Northern Ireland, March 21-April 5, 1944, followed by Castledawson, Northern Ireland, April 6-16, 1944.  After April 12, 1944 I know the 12th Replacement Depot was based in England.  At some point in time prior to May 8, 1945, Tidworth Barracks, but beyond that I have no FACTS to share.
       In your question you typed "358th Inf Regiment was part of the 90th Inf Division".  Yes, the 358th Infantry Regiment was assigned [assigned] to the 90th Infantry Division during WW 2.
       In your question you typed "Was the 12th Repl Depot located in England?"  As I have already typed.
       In your question you typed "Can you establish if it was a corps, army or theater level unit?"  In my OPINION, "army".
       In your question you typed "If you can recommend sources.......I would be most helpful."

United States Army in World War II   (Army Green Series)
The European Theater of Operations
 Logistical Support of the Armies
  (in two volumes)
by Roland G. Ruppenthal
    (I own both volumes)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First United States Army
Report of Operations
 20 October 1943 - August 1, 1944
  (in seven volumes)
by __?__?__?__
    (I own all seven volumes)

       In your question you typed "The Company Morning Report the column marked "Code"."  No idea, what-so-ever.
       In your question you typed "DOW 16 June 44"  So your cousin was W.I.A. sometime between June 12th, 1944 & June 16th, 1944?  Have you obtained your cousin's I.D.P.F. (Indivisual Deceased Personnel File)?  The I.D.P.F. is the single best source for FACTS to begin ACCURATE historic research with.  If you have not obtained your cousin's I.D.P.F., please inform me so.  I will then provide you with the FACTS about your cousin to provide the Department of the Army, as well as the mailing address to send your letter-of-request to.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
    WW 2 Connections
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      Apt      E 26
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