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The Distance between point a - starting point to b - ending point i.e. length is 2,232 km. Can people travel using Horses and Jeeps in the wall from point a to point b?. The wall road also looks wide enough.

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Horses were used in the past on the road on top, but only for short distances.  The wall was divided into sections with observation towers and troop barracks.  The observation towers and barracks had small entrances that limited what could go in or out.  You could lift a jeep on top and drive onto on parts of the wall but only between observation towers not a huge distance.  Motorcycles and bicycles have been driven on the wall and in some of the internal sections.  The inner wall is mostly stone and dirt so little room for walk ways.  In times past I believe that horses could pass thru some internal sections but not a jeep.

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