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WWII C-H Poster
WWII C-H Poster  
QUESTION: This is a question that has attracted intense interest among a group of Wikipedia editors. We have been talking about it for a week and have gotten nowhere. While not "military history" in a strict sense, it is WWII-related. It's admittedly not a great match for your AllExperts profile, but you're as close as they get.

There are a number of posters, apparently created by the War Production Board, which include the following text:


The question we have been unable to answer is what does C-H refer to? We have no shortage of good guesses, but nothing authoritative or verifiable.

Some of the posters seem directed at factory workers, others at the general public.

I will attempt to attach an image of one such poster. I can provide more if needed, but the text is always identical in the posters we have found. If you can provide our answer, please specify whether it would be ok to credit you by name in our discussion. If you're unable to answer this, perhaps you could point me toward someone who might be able to. Thank you.

ANSWER: I have a few relatives who were old enough to recall he war years.  I'll check with them.

I did a quick search and C&H in Milwaukee is a materials handling company, don't know if they were around back then, but there were a lot of scrap drives in that industrialized area of the country.

I would have to go with the idea they were aimed at factory workers, at least the one depicted in the image you sent.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

WWII C-H Poster 2
WWII C-H Poster 2  
QUESTION: Thanks. I'll attach another example that is not directed at factory workers. Awaiting your second reply.

No luck on the old Aunt...but someone pointed out that the dashes between the letters might stand for other letters.  So in fact it could be that the C-H---- was another word, censored maybe?  and not just a space keeper.

The one with the war bond reference definitely looks to be aimed at a company work force to me.

I found a C.H.Hanson company, in Chicago that was into hand tools and forging.  Also made dog tags.  In existence since 1866.  You might contact them and see if that was one of their wartime posters.

2000 North Aurora Road
Naperville, IL 60563

Phone: 800-827-3398

They sound like as good a bet as any.  They have a proud history of tool making and were probably going gangbusters during the war.

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