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Military History/WW2 Effects on the Jews


What do you think the major effects of WW2 on the Jews were?

Hello Claire, although this isn't really my area of research , I would like to offer an "opinion" about WW2 and the Jews .

I really feel that the Jews were like lambs to the slaughter , by the accounts I've seen and read about them during the period it seems like they just didn't have the "want" etc to try to fight for themselves in a way that could have prevented some and maybe all of the loss of life they had happen.

I can't see where they didn't have any "idea" of what was happening and going to happen, I know they didn't have any weapons per se' and no training , but still if I knew I was going to be killed outright or down the road a short ways with no other "out" I would have at least tried to do something to get away or at least take some of the Germans with me .........

I think if some had tried to stand up and fight , it could have led to others doing the same, and "maybe " changing things, maybe not , but at least they could have tried rather than just giving up ....................

Anyway , that's how I feel about it ,and just an "opinion" as stated ............

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